By Isabelle Deshaies

On October 20, 2012, Ms Diane Bérard of the newspaper Les published her no. 128 interview with Mr. Jez Frampton, founder of the firm Interbrand which publishes the yearly best world brands.(On surestime la contribution de l'amour à la valeur d'une marque de commerce :

The interview provides clues on trade-mark management and teaches that some fans' love of the mark may be harmful.

Through this interview, Mr. Frampton teaches us that three elements influence the trademark value:

1. The revenues it generates
2. Its influence on the consumers’ purchase decision
3. Its long term profitability potential

We further learn that the value of the Coca-Cola brand, first in the yearly ranking since 13 years, is of approximately 72$G, which represents 12 times the value of the physical assets of the company.

Moreover, Mr. Frampton warns us as to the harmful effects of a too much popular trademark and cites the example of the UK trademark BURBERRY for luxury products. The reputation of the mark was destroyed by reason of aggressive Britain soccer fans who estimated the mark, but did not share the same values it conveys. It took 10 years for its owner to reinstall the good reputation of the mark.

Finally, Mr. Frampton recalls that the mark may not be left alone once launched. It is part of the company’s success and it is why its reputation must be maintained. Companies should implement trademark watch strategies.

The above shows that a trademark agent may help to ensure the protection and enforcement of your company’s trademarks’ rights through surveillance services to control excessive use and stop misuse.

ID® TRADEMARK may assist you to that effect.

This article does not constitute a legal opinion. Ask your registered trademark agent for more information.

© Isabelle Deshaies
November 2012

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