Registration is only one of the many steps that must be undertaken to protect the trade-marks’ rights.  To preserve their registration, trade-mark owners must keep an eye on them on a constant basis. The value of the company’s trade-mark portfolio increases when the marks are properly managed.

Owners must not only know what their trade-mark portfolio is made of, they must also ensure that the marks always fit with the company’s objectives, are used in conformity with the local Trade-marks Acts and that the registrations properly reflect the trade-marks’ rights and status.

Moreover, trade-marks are real business tools and can be used to build strong and valuable business partnerships and as financial levers.

ID® TRADEMARK assists companies in managing their trade-mark portfolio.

Trade-marks inventory and preliminary proceedings

  • Due diligence
  • Deadlines recordation
  • Updates of the Register entries
  • Inventory and registration of trade-marks
  • Recordation of trade-marks history
  • Recordation and legal review of business agreements
  • Use verification
  • Planning other strategic Register entries

Aligning the mark with the company’s business plan

  • Registrations analysis (owner, wares, services, territories, etc.)
  • Elaboration of registration amendments and additional registration strategies
  • Review and legal recommendations with respect to licences
  • Elaboration of trade-marks sale, transfer and assignment strategies

Use conformity

  • Trade-mark use analysis and recommendations
  • Assisting in the elaboration of internal and external use politics (internal departments, distributors, sponsors, advertisement, etc.)

Trade-mark valorization

  • Assisting in the planning of strategic licence agreement, garanty interest inscriptions and trade-marks sell

Additional strategic registrations

  • Licences / authorized users (where applicable)
  • Customs IP register entries
  • Quebec’s companies Registry (CIDREQ)
  • Internet domain names

The value of a company’s trade-mark portfolio increases when the marks are properly managed. Do not hesitate to call upon our know-how.

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